Commercial from Happiness Plaza

Hyper Market

A world-class hypermarket with a huge area, the largest in the region, to meet all the family’s needs for products, goods, and services, and to spend an enjoyable shopping experience similar to international styles. 


On two levels to accommodate all cars visiting the mall, it is equipped with the latest security and traffic regulation systems to facilitate car movement. 

Landscape / Plaza

A public location in the heart of the mall to provide a wonderful view while shopping and to spend an enjoyable time with various activities, including a dancing fountain, a theater for celebrations, and a group of restaurants and cafes. 



A main entrance with a spacious lobby that gives a feeling of happiness and positivity, especially with the Skylight lighting at the top of the mall, which adds a charming aesthetic touch to the marble corridors and the collection of plants and flowers spread throughout the entrance and all the corridors, in addition to two side entrances to facilitate entry for visitors. 


A number of shops with different activities and international and local brands. 

Food Court

It contains a number of international and local fast food restaurants, with a suitable dining area with a wonderful view of the plaza and the entertainment side. 


A cinema with air-conditioned halls using the latest audio and visual technologies and international models 

Restaurants and cafes

A number of distinctive restaurants and cafes overlooking the general site. - An outdoor space for each restaurant/café - A back service area to facilitate the workflow of these restaurants.